ERP systems

ERP is the initials of Enterprise Resource Planning which in translation means “Business Planning Systems”. It is a design system that functions as a kind of central nervous system for the business.

ERP integrates both basic business and administrative processes to provide a high quality image of your business. It can monitor financial and accounting data, human resources data, plan production, manage materials and stocks, purchases and supplies, sales and distributions, control workflow and quality. All this in real time so that it can be used efficiently by the users who have access.


Financial & accounting management

Human resources management

Production management

Materials & inventory management

Quality control


Speed and convenience

Tasks are done faster and more accurately thanks to ease of use, scheduling and control of workflow and result.

Immediate use of information

The information is presented in a format that can be used directly depending on the job and helps to identify problem areas for action and development opportunities.

Improving communication

The operation of the application as a coordination center for various functions and technologies contributes to their full utilization. Communication with customers and partner parties is improved, accelerated and made more efficient.

Organization of procedures

Organize the procedures and operations of the company with the aim of valid and timely information.

Productivity increase

You choose the most modern work environment and increase your productivity by saving time in each phase of utilization of your computerization.

Means of disposal

Soft1 ERP is available with an Indefinite License, with the ASK - Application & Services Kit subscription package and as an Internet service, S1 On Demand. Soft1 applications are promoted through a nationwide network of partners and are available with the following three different models:


The subscriber of the service always has the software at his disposal and uses it via the Internet from anywhere. The application and the data are stored in a data center. Thus, without much investment the subscriber can and does use excellent software and Hardware Without the need for investment in its maintenance


This is the traditional mood model. The company acquires the right to use the software for an indefinite period of time. The software is installed on the company’s computers and is utilized by one or more people depending on the number of jobs the company has purchased.


With this service the subscriber pays the user price only for the period of time he uses the software. Along with the license of the program, it also acquires its upgraded versions. The subscription is renewed for as long as the subscriber wishes, while the installation is supported electronically via the Internet. The subscriber’s software and data are located at its headquarters, on its own equipment


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