The office upgrade.

Just 2 years since the founding of our company was enough to grow so much that the needs for a brand new and better space were immediate. All the equipment was upgraded and the new offices in Galatsi were a fact!

The new strategic cooperation.

In 2005 our company entered into a partnership with a new but very promising company in business software, SoftOne Technologies SA. DataLink was one of SoftOne’s first partners. The new generation of modern software from SoftOne gave our company the opportunity to further upgrade and further enrich its human resources, both in terms of capabilities and numbers, thus enabling our customers to have even better and better information and support.

The merger

In 2010 an excellent and promising alliance of forces took place. At the same time, the headquarters of DataLink was moved and upgraded again to a larger space with new offices and equipment.

2013 DataLink, a leading partner.

DataLink, having an experienced and well-trained staff in the field of computerization and technological innovations, managed to become one of the leading partners of Softone, holding a place in the top five nationwide in certification modules.

2015 The rapid growth of the company.

With the demands constantly increasing and the addition of new customers to the Datalink list, the addition of human resources was necessary and imperative. New members were quickly added to the DataLink family, expanding the possibilities of creating new solutions, through a pluralistic vision with direct communication and customer support.

2016 Touching the top

We deserve the second place of Softone associates in the certifications, thus rewarding the efforts and the hard work that we pay all these years, gaining even more experience and specialization in the field.

2017 At the top

DataLink is awarded the distinction “Excellence in Customer Service” at the event held at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. This distinction came from the results of a relevant survey conducted by Softone on the entire established customer base.

The new offices

The transfer of DataLink to a new modern and comfortable space is completed in order to meet the growing needs of our company. Visit our new offices at 11-15 Kourtiou Street in Galatsi.


Having passed almost twenty years of continuous and dynamic presence in the field of computerization, DataLink, continuing its upward course, is ready to face effectively and drastically any challenge, having already developed a deceptive and complex clientele.


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