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These terms of use regulate the rights and obligations of visitors regarding the use of the website located at the internet address www.datalink.com.gr, which from now on for reasons of brevity will be referred to as “Website”.

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Intellectual property rights

By this agreement you accept that all the content of the Website (texts, marks, drawings, images, electronic files, etc.) is the intellectual property of the Company, without prejudice to the rights of cooperating third parties.

The domain name www.datalink.com.gr is legally registered by the Company in the Register of Internet Names ending in.gr of the National Telecommunications and Post Commission and is therefore protected by all relevant provisions of Greek and European law as well. and the decisions of EETT.

The use of trademarks, trade names and other information about cooperating natural and legal persons takes place with the consent of the beneficiaries and exclusively for purposes related to the Website.

It is expressly forbidden to use, copy, store, reproduce, republish, republish, transmit, publish, download, translate and modify part or all of the content of the Website without the prior written permission of the Company.


The Website includes hyperlinks, through which access to third party websites is provided. The placement of these links has been done with the sole purpose of facilitating the visitors during their internet browsing and is in no way an indication of acceptance or approval of the content of these websites.

The Website bears absolutely no responsibility for the content and in particular the terms of use of the websites that are listed with a hyperlink. Access to these websites takes place at the sole responsibility of the user.

Caution! Hyperlinks are provided within the Website for the direct download of the software:

  1. AnyDesk version version 7. By clicking on the relevant icon (Links AnyDesk Download) you proceed to the direct download of the software, accepting the relevant terms of use and data protection policy . The download is at your own risk. For any information contact us at info@datalink.com.gr
  2. Softone Azure demo. By clicking on the relevant icon (Links Softone Azure demo) you proceed to the direct download of the software, accepting the relevant terms of use and data protection policy . The download is at your own risk. For any information contact us at info@datalink.com.gr


Respecting the privacy of visitors, the Company undertakes to make every effort to safeguard the personal character of the data you provide to us. The data collected is used only for purposes of the Company (communication, marketing, statistics, tax and financial) and is not transferred to any third party (natural or legal), except where expressly provided by law and exclusively to the competent authorities. .




For the registration of a visitor in the mailing lists of the Company’s newsletters, the name, surname and e-mail of the visitor are necessary.

The Company has the right to maintain a file with the e-mail addresses of the recipients for sending other informative or financial messages in addition to the newsletters, unless the recipient explicitly states that he does not wish to do so. Any newsletter recipient who wishes can be deleted from the email address file at any time. Respectively, the Company has the right to delete any recipient without justification.

Visitors can at any time contact the administrators of the website at info@datalink.com.gr to be informed if there is a file with their details, reserving the right to modify or delete them if they wish.


The Website uses cookies, according to the usual practices of the internet, to help the access and the browsing of the visitors. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the web server’s central server on the hard drive of the user’s computer or other electronic device. Cookies are unique to each web browser and contain anonymous information regarding the sites visited by the user. You have the ability to modify the browser settings you use in order to reject some cookies or all of them.

The cookies we use are divided into two categories, the first parties, ie the cookies that are installed from the Website and the third parties, where the cookies are placed by a third party.

The first party cookies we use do not retain any information about the visitor after the session and are as follows:

The third party cookies on our website:

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Limitation of Liability – Applicable Law

The Company makes every effort to ensure the proper and safe operation of the website. All the necessary organizational measures are taken and the most appropriate technical security mechanisms are applied, in order to provide the optimal environment for the visitors.

However, it is always possible for errors / malfunctions / interruptions in the contents of the website and / or viruses or other malware to appear either on the website or on the website server.

The Company can in no case be held responsible for any damage and / or any other negative consequences that may arise from accessing and browsing the Website. No guarantee is provided by the Company that the Website will not display interruptions and / or errors or that these errors will be corrected immediately. Finally, no guarantee is provided by the Company that any other linked website or servers through which it becomes available, are provided to you without viruses or other harmful components. It is therefore expressly agreed that no claim of an economic or other nature may be made for reparation for damage arising directly or indirectly from the foregoing.

The Company has a constant pursuit to resolve amicably and out of court any disputes that may arise from the use of the Website. In case this is not possible, competent courts for the settlement of disputes are appointed those of the city of Athens.


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